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Symphony Primary Processing

Leading meat-industry software for complete visibility and control over all food processing operations.

Symphony Software: Key Features

Symphony gives primary processors the ability to track animals across all meat processing operations from receiving through the harvest process. With Symphony’s dynamic data capture capability, animal and carcass data can be captured throughout the process.

  • Live Animal Receiving
  • Ear Tag Retirement 
  • Dynamic Data Capture 
  • Live, Hot, and Cold Weight Capture 
  • Full Carcass Traceability
  • Carcass Grading
  • Yield Reporting 

What Does Symphony Primary Processing Software Do?

Symphony’s Primary Processing Solution was designed to give primary processors complete visibility into the kill-floor process. Whether you are in the beef or pork processing industry, Symphony Software enables primary processors to collect data throughout the kill process. By uniquely tracking animals either by ear tag number or tattoo number, processors can associate grades, attributes, and yields to individual animals or entire receiving lots. This is valuable for processors who are looking to provide data back to producers. Symphony’s dynamic yield reporting also enables processors to provide yield reports for custom kill animals. End-to-end food traceability allows primary processors to track animals from the time they enter the receiving barn through finished goods packaging. 

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